We want a free finance, without barriers, intermediaries and government restrictions.

We want financial markets to be accessible to everyone everywhere, and we want people to be able to trade assets in a way that is cheap, fast, secure, borderless, and censorship-resistant.

How can we do this? By moving Finance to Bitcoin.


Legacy financial markets are built upon the banking system and are heavily controlled by governments. All these actors are strictly tied to the status quo.

Nokubit aims to dismantle the current system through economic incentives: whoever issues an asset on Nokubit will be rewarded with a percentage of the asset’s transaction fees; the same goes for those countries that embrace Bitcoin principles and adopt Nokubit issued assets in a legal capacity.

Additionally, users will be able to take advantage of lower transaction fees and enjoy all the benefits associated with cryptocurrencies.

Technical Details

Nokubit is a fork of Bitcoin

This maximizes safety and reliability at a coding level and also minimizes bugs.

Nokubit works through a hybrid PoW/PoS

To ensure security and protection against any kind of attack, even in the early phases, it works through a hybrid PoW/PoS. (Later it will integrate merge mining with Bitcoin mainchain.)

Nokubit is compatible with Lightning Networks

Lightning nodes on Nokubit will be joined to Bitcoin's Lightning Network.

Nokubit will be integrated with dedicated OP_CODEs

Dedicated OP_CODEs will replicate the main traditional financial operations (split, dividends, bonds, IPO, etc...)


With Nokubit, anyone will be able to list:

  • shares
  • bonds
  • derivatives
  • representative tokens (i.e. apple share tokens)
  • functional tokens
  • digital assets


With the available technology it is impossible to have a fully decentralized sidechain.
As technological breakthroughs occur though, they will be integrated into Nokubit to gradually enhance its degree of decentralization.

Responsibility towards Bitcoin

Nokubit uses Bitcoin code, and thus feels a social responsibility towards its community. For this reason, a consistent part of Nokubit profits will be used to support Bitcoin Core development; specifically focusing on new releases review and testing.